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Challenges without inspiration are a drag! Join an inspiring team at Sinequa – talented people from multiple disciplines (IT, Linguistics, Consulting, Sales, and Marketing), different countries and cultures. We not only produce great products, we also inspire our customers on how to do great things with them. And they inspire us.

You can’t have missed it: Inspiration is the term that is at the heart of our identity. Others are: commitment, trust, responsibility, humor, fun. And as a company with French roots we appreciate “convivialité” – living well together and /sharing the good things in life.
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We always have openings for qualified, exceptional individuals with solid experience and demonstrated expertise in Enterprise Software and Search. IT engineers, consultants, marketing specialists and sales representatives are just a few of the career opportunities available today at Sinequa. Send us your resume at and we will contact you if an appropriate position becomes available.

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