IDC Technology Spotlight

IDC Technology Spotlight

Unstructured Information: The Revolution in Big Data and Analytics

By David Schubmehl
Research Director at IDC Covering Cognitive Systems and Content Analytics

Content analytics, semantic technologies and machine learning are fundamentally changing the way that information is located, discovered and utilized by consumers and knowledge workers. These technologies have changed the focus of enterprise search and discovery solutions to become more knowledge and action based, delivering insights, predictions and recommendations to consumers and knowledge workers on an as needed basis, as well as creating a new generation of search based applications.
Executive Summary

The availability of a wide variety of data spread across many systems and information silos and the technology, skills, and processes to take advantage of it promise to radically change how information is accessed, analyzed, and shared to make better decisions, personalize customer interactions, optimize operations, and innovate. A big part of realizing this promise is dependent on efficient and effective access to unstructured content and the analysis of such content in addition to and in conjunction with structured data. The unstructured content, especially, is locked in a variety of formats, locations, and applications made up of separate repositories that don't talk to each other.

The value in this unstructured content is unique to each organization, and unlocking it is not a trivial task as many organizations face roadblocks because of a lack of appropriate technology and processes. However, organizations that do unlock this value have demonstrated an ability to increase revenue, improve productivity, reduce costs, reduce risk and improve compliance, especially around fraud detection, respond to customer or stakeholder needs more quickly and accurately, and help bring products to market faster.

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