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Use Cases

360° VIEW
Assemble rapidly all relevant information for a decision by using a Real-Time Big Data Search & Analytics platform that analyzes all enterprise data, including natural language texts in many languages. A platform capable of structuring and categorizing data to create a 360° view of a given subject or customer such that you get the complete picture without being drowned in information overload.

Find Expertise & Experts in R&D
Finding the key experts in a given domain helps building successful project teams that can deliver challenging results on time and budget, and thus ensure margins and customer satisfaction. Key experts can help capitalize on existing skills, technology, and developments thus avoiding costly redevelopments in successive projects, optimizing R&D organizations, and shortening time to market.

A Unique & Evolutive Technology

Extreme Scalability

The Sinequa Grid Architecture offers scalability up to dealing with Big Data. But even if you look at just big projects (rather than BIG ones) the Sinequa architecture offers you advantages: Our customers have measured usage of computing resources needed in their projects, and have found competitors needing 7 to 10 times more resources than Sinequa for the same task!

Strong Content Analytics

Sinequa Content Analytics are amongst the strongest in the market. We are drawing on more than 25 years research in Natural Language Processing and semantics in major languages. And we have been combining the analysis of structured and unstructured data for quite a number of years. It is the combination of both that lets you dig deeper rapidly.

High Connectivity

A Big Data Search & Analytics platform only deserves its name if it connects easily to all or at least most data sources of an organisation. If you need access to a data source, you want to have it now, not in 3 months time. More than a 140 connectors to the most widespread structured and unstructured data sources facilitate and accelerate the integration of the Sinequa Big Data Search & Analytics platform with your IT landscape.

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