• Big Data = Big Noise?

    How to get value from Big Data?

    Use Real-time Search & Analytics to get useful information from Big Data. Access relevant data in database data and texts (Structured and unstructured data).

    Use strong semantic and statistical analytics to focus on relevant information. Strong visualization enables intuitive and conversational discovery of actionable information.

  • Customer Quotes


    "Congratulations and thank you for a great job on the implementation of Sinequa search. I have had meetings with intranet and social collaboration experts over the past month, and they have all told me how hard it is to "get search right". We picked a great tool and from what I have seen so far, the implementation of that tool is fabulous. The search results I am getting back, at first blush, appear much more useful than the results I was getting with our former tool.

    Harry Van Drunen, Partner & Global Chief Information Officer Mercer Group



Content Analytics - the sine qua non of value extraction from Big Data
Big Data remains "Big Noise" or "Dark Data" without powerful Content Analytics to extract relevant information, and vizualisation tools to accelerate understanding. And since vast portions of Big Data are unstructured, texts in many different languages, Content Analytics must include semantic analysis.
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On the road to Big Data
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What about BIG DATA:
Marketing Nirvana or the Next Big Bubble to Burst?
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Most Widespread Use Cases

Enterprises and administrations show great inventiveness in using the Sinequa platform to create value in their business environments.
See here for an overview

Here are the two most widespread cases:

Creating a 360° view of a given subject, for example a 360° view of a customer, in order to improve customer service and satisfaction - while reducing service costs, and to better target marketing campaigns.

Revealing implicit Social Networks of Experts, in order to find the right people when staffing a project, to find internally available expertise on a given subject, to avoid redundant research and development projects, to accelerate product development and shorten time to market, etc.

Different categories of ROI in Search & Analytics and Unified Information Access projects
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Everything you always wanted to know about Sinequa
Sinequa Search Solutions 2013
Download the presentations given at the event.

April 29th - May 1st 2014
Enterprise Search Summit 2014
April 29 - May 1 2014 - Sinequa participates at Bio-IT World 2014 that will take place in Boston.

May 13-14 2014
Bio-IT World 2014
Sinequa participates at Enterprise Search Summit 2014 that will take place in New York.

Sinequa Enterprise Search v8.5

Interested to see how a Search & Unified Information Access Platform can make your business more efficient? Contact us for a demo or a real-life proof of concept with your own data. More than 120 ready-to-use connectors to the most widespread data sources allow the installation of Sinequa ES Version 8.5 using your data within a few days.

Contact us for a demo of Sinequa ES V8.5

Atos and Sinequa:

When Search &Analytics enter core business processes of a Consulting and Service Company

Siemens and Sinequa:
When finding technology usable in new projects, and experts with urgently needed know-how can significantly improve your bottom line.

AstraZeneca Selects Sinequa To Rapidly Deliver Business Intelligence Applications to its R&D
Sinequa is proud to announce an important contract with AstraZeneca, one of the global leaders in the biopharmaceutical industry.

Sinequa reports a 40% revenue growth in 2013
Real-time Big Data Analytics and ambitious customer projects, ever closer to their core business, are the foundations of this growth.

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