About Sinequa

Real-Time Big Data Search & Analytics in a High Performance IT Architecture

Sinequa provides a real-time Big Data Search & Analytics platform for Fortune Global 2000 companies. It offers users Unified Information Access to all textual and database data, supported by powerful analytics. Strong visualization enables intuitive and conversational discovery of actionable information.

Sinequa's mission is to empower users - both employees and customers - with real-time, intuitive, business-focused access to all relevant information wherever it may reside. We believe that mastering information access is a tremendous challenge within most industries today. Powerful Content Analytics and easy Unfied Information Access are the keys to reducing stress, eliminating ineffective decisions, and avoiding poor customer and employee management. They are essential to enabling enhanced productivity, innovation and collaboration, all resulting in better business performance and customer loyalty.

Hundreds of thousands of people in more than 250 organizations rely on Sinequa's intuitive tools to create search-based applications and integrate intelligent Enterprise Search functionality into enterprise- and industry-specific applications. Our solutions are used across the business in banking, consulting, consumer products, government, media, telco, manufacturing and retail.

Sinequa provides customer-facing employees and call center agents with an instantaneous, 360 degree view of all customer history and activity, thus improving customer service and satisfaction while reducing service costs.

Revealing implicit social networks of experts / expertise helps find the right people when staffing a project, find internally available expertise on a given subject, avoid redundant research and development projects, accelerate product development and shorten time to market.

These are just two examples of how Sinequa has become part of the fabric of everyday business in delivering strategic, operational, and ad hoc information.