Sinequa Enterprise Search Version 9


Real-Time Big Data Search and Analytics
Delivering Unified Information Access
to More relevant, Actionable Information

The Sinequa Big Data Search and Analytics Platform is rooted in Enterprise Search. Search technology provides the access to and analysis of heterogeneous data sources, clusters the information, and allows users to get at relevant information rapidly. The product is still known under its original name of Sinequa Enterprise Search or Sinequa ES.

Sinequa ES Version 9 is a mature and complete software solution to cope with the information explosion and the resulting complexity of finding the right information at the right time within the many information silos of large enterprises or administrations. There are ever more channels, more sources, more applications and more platforms for information. At the same time, organizations need to react both faster and smarter to a changing environment. The Big Data Challenge confronts all large enterprises and administrations, and it looms large even for many mid-sized companies. Gaining insight from data is crucial for all of them.

Sinequa ES V9 provides a simple and secure solution to accessing relevant data from all enterprise sources.


Unified Information Access, Content Analytics

Powerful Content Analytics include natural language processing and Text Mining Agents. They are crucial to finding relevant information in a given context. Semantic analysis makes it possible to find relevant content even if the terms or keywords mentioned in a search request do not occur in the content.

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