Sinequa for Life Science

Cognitive Search & Powerful Analytics for Life Sciences

Drive Innovation, Accelerate Research and Shorten Drug Time-to-Market

As a leading pharmaceutical company or an innovative life sciences organization, do these challenges sound familiar to you?

  • Speed up submission of New Drug Applications to dramatically reduce costs for new drugs development
  • Make educated decision to continue or stop drug trials based on all clinical trial data available
  • Provide researchers a unified access across the entire organization to all structured and unstructured data from both internal and external wide variety of sources
  • Drive innovation, accelerate research and shorten Drug Time-to-Market
  • Foster cooperation in R&D while respecting information governance and security
  • Catalyze drug repositioning

With Sinequa, we are building a powerful next-generation search platform that is simple and intuitive enough for our R&D scientists to use easily and be alerted to new information anywhere, anytime.
Nick Brown, Technology Incubation Director, CTO Office

See how leading pharmaceutical companies use Cognitive Search and powerful Analytics to achieve these goals by:

  • Identifying networks of experts and Key Opinion Leaders on any given subject
  • Finding the most suitable scientific partners
  • Providing researchers with the latest scientific information in their fields, with automatic alerts
  • Accessing and discovering research trends via this information
  • Delivering information on drugs and diseases starting from chemical structures
  • Providing an enterprise-wide information portal to all employees

In order to achieve these objectives, Sinequa provides a powerful Cognitive Insight platform that combines a unique blend of technnologies:

  • A powerful insight engine
  • Deep content analytics with NLP and Machine Learning
  • Out-of-the-box connectivity to more than 150 enterprise & cloud applications and other data sources

Sinequa's life sciences customers deal with hundreds of millions of documents, including lab and clinical trial reports, publications, patent filings, and emails, as well as billions of database records from internal and external trade sources. Leading data-driven pharmaceutical companies rely on Sinequa ES to provide researchers a single point of access to information to extract high-value and deliver the highest return on investment.

BristolMyers Squibb

SAS data sets comprise as much as 70% of our clinical development file content. No other company we evaluated could handle SAS data sets like Sinequa. We can simply search for a key phrase and be directed right away to a row in a SAS data set. We can also use any number of 900 SAS clinical dataset variables and ask for results within a value range for each of these variables. In some cases what once took weeks, can be easily be produced within a day or two.
Todd Culverwell, Director, Trial Master File and Clinical Repositories, UCB
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Sinequa for Life Sciences
Sinequa for Life Sciences : Drive Innovation, Accelerate Research, Shorten Time-to-Market

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