Sinequa for Manufacturing & Utilities

Cognitive Search & Powerful Analytics for Manufacturing & Utilities

"Relevant knowledge at the right time is priceless in the enterprise", according to Forrester. In many enterprises, "relevant knowledge" is hidden in a deluge of data of all kinds, structured and unstructured.

In the manufacturing and utility industries, this deluge of data is very diverse, and it evolves in universes with different timelines: There is fast-paced data streaming in from sensors and smart meters. There is data on the construction of power stations, factories, satellites or aircraft that has to be kept for 40 and more years, some of it until long after the original applications that created it – or the humans that authored it – have disappeared or retired. Every maintenance or service intervention adds new data to be kept and made visible to people in the need to know - a slow-paced but important process.

None of the original IT applications of manufacturing and utilities companies have been designed to cope with today's volume and variety of data nor with real-time responses to large numbers of users.

Learn how Cognitive Search and powerful analytics help manufacturing and utilities organizations:

  • Optimize R&D and Production
  • Safeguard Knowledge and Know-How
  • Ensure Safety and Compliance
  • Improve Maintenance and Customer Service

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