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Download the Sinequa brochure
Data-Intensive Organizations
• Insight from Big Data and User Behavior
• Easy Access to Relevant Business Information
• Cope with Information Complexity and Diversity
• Powerful Content Analytics, including NLP and Machine Learning
Download the 'Sinequa for life science' use case
Life Sciences & Pharmaceuticals
• Improve Cooperation in R&D
• Catalyze Drug Repositioning
• Optimize Clinical Trials
• Respect Information Governance & Security
• Streamline Regulatory Affairs
Download the 'Defense and Security' use case
Defense & Security
• Monitor social media interactions
• Detect money laundering, fraud & terrorist financing
• Identify & correlate threats & cyberattacks
• Solve crime cases with powerful search capabilities
Download the 'Sinequa for Finance' use case
Banking & Finance
• Analyze, Structure and Categorize All Available Data
• Get Actionable Insight from the Most Diverse Data Sources
• Obtain Instant 360 Views on Customers, Portfolios, Investment Targets, Contracts, Financial Performance, etc.
Download the 'Sinequa for Manufacturing & Utilities' use case
Manufacturing & Utilities
• Optimize R&D and Production
• Safeguard Knowledge and Know-How
• Ensure Safety and Compliance
• Improve Maintenance and Customer Service
Download the 'Anti-Money Laundering' use case
AML & Financial Crime
• Speed up Anti-Money Laundering investigations
• Monitor financial transactions
• Identify & correlate suspect transactions and people
• Reduce case handling time

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