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Build an instant 360° Customer View

Gathering all customer data in in one place at any given time has been "the Grail" large organizations in Finance and Telecoms, but also in other industries, have been chasing for years. Generations of CRM systems have been deployed to achieve this goal. Yet customer data remains distributed across a wide range of enterprise applications (ERP, Billing, After Sales Service, etc.). And very often, unstructured, textual information in contracts and written exchanges is not treated at all. Customer facing employees still need to open 10 to 15 applications to get a complete view of a single customer.

The Sinequa Insight platform provides easy, intuitive unified information access (UIA) for customer facing employees without the need to change existing applications. Moreover, additional functionalities can be added with marginal effort: once customer data is collected across all available channels, it can then be used to optimize marketing campaigns, improve cross-selling, and reduce churn.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Increase customer satisfaction, reduce churn while reducing cost: Getting an instant 360° view of a customer helps customer facing personnel serve customers more competently and more rapidly, increasing customer satisfaction and retention.

A 17% reduction in average call time in a call center handling more than 230,000 calls a day allows the same team can handle about 40,000 additional calls per day. The time gained can also be used for intelligent cross and up-selling.

Reduce training time: Finding information on customers in up to 30 enterprise applications requires about 6 weeks of training (one working day per application). Using a single intuitive user interface reduces training time to a single day. In a population where 5,000 people have to be trained per year, this reduces training time from 30,000 person-weeks to 1,000 per year!

Pain points

  • Large number of applications leading to fragmented customer view
  • Compiling customer information too slow for contact center personnel
  • Costly training for call center agents
  • Lack of flexibility in adapting IT to fast changing business needs


  • Aggregate multiple data silos offering one intuitive interface with real-time access
  • Provide easy, intuitive unified information access for customer contact services
  • Instant 360° view of a customer on a single screen


Quality Service Service Quality
ARPU (Average revennue per user) ARPU (Average revenue per user)
Ergonomics Ergonomics
Agility in IT Agility in IT
Training cost Training cost
Load on legacy systems Load on legacy systems
Response time Response time

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