AI-Powered Search & Powerful Analytics for Pharma and Life Sciences

As the world’s fourth industrial revolution charges forward largely benefitting from advances in artificial intelligence, life sciences organizations that have become information-driven stand to gain the greatest rewards.

Life sciences companies are transforming the way they collect, analyze and use data from everywhere to create a information-centric business culture. The biopharma industry, for example, contends with large amounts of diverse information from scientific research, medicine, biology, genetics and chemistry, statistical data, clinical trials data, regulatory data, patient information and even social media data (with “the voice of patients”).

All of these sources produce structured data from internal and external databases and unstructured data from documents, images, texts, emails, social media posts and videos. Datasets might also include volumes of structured data, like molecule structures, formulae and SAS datasets from clinical trials.

On any given day, a typical pharma organization might be forced to contend with data volumes of over 500 million documents and billions of database records.

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Transform Pharma & Life Sciences Organizations with an Information-Driven Approach

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Regardless of the format, origin or language, Sinequa’s cognitive capabilities can help locate and process content and data into information that surfaces new insights, improves productivity, and enables informed decisions. Sinequa’s platform makes it easy to find patterns and relationships among disparate silos of data. Sinequa presents topically relevant information from diverse sources in a unified view to discover information and insights anywhere within enterprise data.

Leading pharmaceutical & life sciences companies become information-driven with Sinequa’s AI-Powered Search Platform by:

Enhancing R&D intelligence
Quickly establishing a network of experts
Optimizing clinical trials
Streamlining regulatory affairs
And more

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