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Learn how Intelligent Search can help you meet the challenges of your business. Get insights from industry leaders in Manufacturing, Life Science, and Financial Services. Understand how Sinequa can help you grow the returns on your investment.
Data-intensive organization

Data-Intensive Organizations

  • Insight from Big Data and User Behavior
  • Easy Access to Relevant Business Information
  • Cope with Information Complexity and Diversity
  • Powerful Content Analytics, including NLP and Machine Learning
Accelerate Innovation in Aerospace & Defense

Accelerate Innovation in Aerospace & Defense

  • Innovation is how you gain a competitive edge and add new revenue—either from introducing something new or improving something existing. There is a widespread misconception that “something” needs to be a product or solution. Not so. …but innovation can’t happen without information and collaboration.
Life Sciences & Pharmaceuticals

Information-Driven Life Sciences

  • Improve Cooperation in R&D
  • Catalyze Drug Repositioning
  • Optimize Clinical Trials
  • Respect Information Governance & Security
  • Streamline Regulatory Affairs
Defense & Security

Defense & Security

  • Monitor social media interactions
  • Detect money laundering, fraud & terrorist financing
  • Identify & correlate threats & cyberattacks
  • Solve crime cases with powerful search capabilities
Financial Services

Financial Services

  • Analyze, Structure, and Categorize All Your Data
  • Gather Information and Create insights
  • Generate 360° Views of Customers, Deals, Risks, and Contracts
Manufacturing & Utilities

Manufacturing Agility at Enterprise Scale

  • Research & Development Agility
  • Ensure Safety and Compliance
  • Assist Maintenance Engineers
Anti Money Laundering and  Financial Crime

Anti Money Laundering and Financial Crime

  • Accelerate Anti-Money Laundering investigations
  • Monitor financial transactions
  • Identify and correlate suspicious transactions and people
  • Reduce time to handle cases
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