Data Doesn't Drive Finance.

Financial institutions drown in data. It overwhelms employees who waste their time finding, cleaning, and collating data. Decisions require information and insights. Use Sinequa to ingest and understand data from any system or format. This frees your employees to apply their skills and expertise.

  • Save employee time
  • Provide better customer experiences

Finding and interpreting all this data steals employee time and overloads them with manual work. Give employees a platform that automates data understanding so they can focus their skills to help customers, make better decisions, and think innovatively.

Enterprise Search for Financial Services.

One View Across Many Systems

Sinequa’s enterprise search platform helps leading financial institutions create 360° views of customers, portfolios, investment targets, contracts, financial performance, and any other subject linked to their business. They can do so across all business units – from banking to insurance, leasing, property management, asset management, and beyond.

Sinequa software creates one view across many systems and silos. Any system, any format. This means you get the view you need. Enjoy a 360-degree view of customers, claims, deals, products, risks, deals, and trades,

Financial Institutions Use Sinequa Enterprise Search to:

  • Automate the understanding of data and documents
  • Create unified views of customers, contracts, deals, investments, and risks
  • Detect and investigate financial crimes
  • Accelerate answers to customer service questions
  • Increase sales and marketing productivity
Financial Services

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