Airbus Helicopters Takes Technical Support to New Heights with Sinequa.

Airbus Helicopters operates 23 customer centers around the world, which handle 30,000 requests per year (10% of which are urgent). To improve support operations, the agents from Airbus needed an application to speed up the resolution of the support cases through a 360-degree view of customers and cases for an in-service fleet of 12,000 helicopters. Discover the Airbus Helicopters success story.

"We lost a lot of time searching through our various databases and existing tools, along with drawings and technical documentation. We asked ourselves what we could do to help our team find the information they needed more rapidly and efficiently. So, we selected Sinequa’s search engine because of its high performance and the fact that it’s straightforward to index databases."

Frederic Antoine, Technical Support Network Manager, Airbus Helicopters

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"Airbus Helicopters Technical Support"

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