Searching for Success in Investment Management.

For over 70 years, this investment firm has built a reputation for integrity, making it a trusted name in the industry. Managing over $717 billion in assets for clients across 170 countries, the company's growth and success have been remarkable. With a global workforce of 9,400 employees, including 600 investment professionals, they are committed to providing exceptional service.

As the company expanded, it encountered challenges managing dispersed information and expertise across systems, offices, and continents. This made responding to customers with timely and relevant information increasingly challenging. The company took action to recognize the need to enhance the customer experience, improve service, find internal experts, increase efficiency, and protect the brand.

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  • Prevented Costly Mistakes: Discover how they successfully reduced errors in the energy sector, recognizing that each mistake could lead to €3 million in expenses.
  • Streamlined Knowledge Management: Explore how they efficiently managed vast technical documentation in the energy industry, utilizing the Sinequa system to convert data into valuable information.
  • Ensured Expertise Continuity: Find out how they addressed the challenge of retaining expertise as seasoned professionals retired, using the Sinequa solution to capture and transfer critical knowledge for regulatory compliance and operational success.
Success story : Financial customer experience

Download the success story.

"Financial customer experience"

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