How Alstom Keeps Big Projects on Track.

As a global leader in the transportation sector, Alstom offers its diverse customers a vast portfolio of high-speed trains, metros, monorails, and trams. But with over 74,000 employees using hundreds of applications, generating loads of data stored in many different places, too much time was spent searching for knowledge and insights needed to do their job.

Like many leading manufacturing organizations, Alstom turned to Sinequa’s search solution to transform how they searched for information.

See why Alstom relies on Sinequa to:

  • Optimize findability and accuracy of knowledge, improving the productivity of knowledge workers by over 8%.
  • Improve engineering knowledge discovery and parts lifecycle management, increasing the reuse of existing parts for new projects by 15-20%.
  • Harmonize engineering practices/procedures across existing and recently acquired businesses.
  • Make all past contracts and related technical documents easily accessible by authorized users.

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