Inform the Banking Call Centers.

Call center agents for one of the top 5 banks in the U.S. wrestled with up to 30 systems to answer customer questions. All theses systems slowed training of the agents too. With Sinequa's enterrpise search software, the agents have one view across all systems. It means fast answers for customers and accelerated training for agents. Our customer has benefited from a 17$ reduction in average handle times and expects a 10% reduction in attrition as well.

The challenge

With more than $475 billion in assets, this institution is one of the top five banks in the country. Serving clients in twenty-five states throughout the Midwest and West, it provides consumer and business banking, payment services, corporate and commercial banking, and wealth management and investing.

Call center banking specialists had to navigate thirty different applications, each with separate permissions and role-settings, for information critical to customer calls which lead to confusion, frustration and high turnover. Opening the right application for a given customer question was often a challenge, impacting the average handle time (AHT), but not only ...

Inform the Banking Call Centers

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"Inform the Banking Call Centers"

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