Success stories.

Why do industry leaders trust Sinequa? Sinequa transforms employees into well-informed work heroes. These heroes speed up the introduction of new offers on the market. They implement complex projects on time and within budget. These heroes serve customers with ease and confidence. And they ensure the conformity of all data. Read their stories…
Success story : Reducing Time to Market for New Drugs

Reducing Time to Market for New Drugs

This world-renowned biopharmaceutical company’s products are used to treat some of the world’s most challenging healthcare problems. Learn how they use Sinequa’s platform to turn millions of pages of drug research created at every stage of development into useful insights.

Success story : Overcome Manufacturing Complexity

Overcome Manufacturing Complexity

A designer and builder of the world's most capable aircraft, expanded it's company with twenty acquisitions over the course of 15 years. Successfully merging these companies increased challenges related to connecting information systems and retaining talent. Learn how this global manufacturer used Sinequa's powerful search capabilities to deliver relevant information in all forms from a single source.

Success story : Financial customer experience

Sinequa Helps Manufacturer Build Quality Efficiently

Complex projects can cost billions and take decades to complete. For a fast-growing global producer of integrated railway systems, operational costs were growing while time-to-market was slowing. With a geographically dispersed workforce of tens of thousands of workers, this manufacturer realized that finding information was nearly impossible. Workers used hundreds of applications to extract information from millions of documents scattered across the organization. Something had to change.

Success story : Financial customer experience

Searching for Success in Investment Management

The active investment management industry faces fundamental challenges. As funds flow from active to passive strategies, investment managers need to think differently. Our customer is the 6th largest independent investment manager in the world. They needed to make their sales and services operations more productive. Download this brochure to learn how they created over USD 20 million of value while building a platform that supports many use cases.

Success story : energy safety

Energy Safety

A pioneer in the nuclear power industry, this company went through a series of mergers and acquisitions to become one of the largest in the world. With that came challenges bringing companies together and making information accessible to its employees.

Ensuring Drug Safety without Delays

Ensuring Drug Safety without Delays

This company’s mission is to deliver life-changing treatments to patients with cancer and Learn how they use Sinequa for fuller, faster access to internal and external clinical trial information. This is paramount to helping the scientific team bring new treatments to the market faster and at less cost.

Insights and Expertise

Leading Benelux Law Firm Relies on Sinequa for Insights and Expertise

The success story describes how Sinequa is being leveraged to help Stibbe, a leading full-service law firm in the Benelux, with main offices in Amsterdam, Brussels and Luxembourg, and branch offices in Dubai, Hong Kong, London and New York, leverage millions of documents and legal matters to work more productively, better manage security, and remain compliant in the face of stringent new government regulations.

Cognitive Search & Analytics Prevents Money Laundering

Cognitive Search & Analytics Prevents Money Laundering for a Leading Financial Intelligence Unit

This case study describes how Sinequa is being leveraged in the never-ending battle against financial fraud.

Leading Law Firm Builds Search-Based Apps Across Practices

This case study explains how a leading law firm uses the Sinequa platform to help thousands of lawyers find expertise across the firm, analyze millions of documents instantly, and build practice-specific search-based apps quickly.

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