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Join Carol on her first day as a call center agent. It starts badly but ends well.

Carol is ambitious. But her initial training disappoints her. Too many systems to learn and finding information takes so long. With Sinequa's enterprise search, watch how Carol has one view across many systems so she can answer customer questions accurately and train faster.

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Voice of Customer : Saint Gobain

Voice of Customer : Saint Gobain

Learn from the experience of Saint Gobain Bâtiments de France. See how Saint Gobain’s sales reps use intelligent search to:

  • Effectively navigate the product catalog
  • Suggest related products to optimize order fulfillment
  • Recommend complementary products to customers
  • Search for substitute products during stock shortages

Voice of Customer: Groupama

Voice of Customer: Groupama

Groupama presents the solution implemented to search in customer data and aggregate interaction data including emails, marketing campaigns, and phone calls, to bring understanding to the context of the cases handled by their sales representatives.

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