Sinequa at engage Knowledge Management 2021 – the EMEA event around innovative knowledge management

As employees gain both knowledge and experience within their jobs they constantly develop know-how, skills and insight about the organisation and customer problems – this is built up over time and good knowledge management strategies also mean that this expertise is not lost forever when employees leave.

So, if you’re interested in finding out how effective knowledge management strategies are helping organisations centralise information and improve organisational performance, watch the keynote now.

Stop Juggling: How to Take Control of all Your Enterprise Knowledge

When it comes to discovering knowledge within an organization, people often ask, “why can’t we just have Google?” Learn how large, complex organizations have realized this growing problem and identified enterprise search as the key to addressing it.

Alana Cento - Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Sinequa

Alana Cento

Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Sinequa

engage Knowledge Management

Watch the video now: "How to Take Control of all Your Enterprise Knowledge"

"engage Knowledge Management"

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