Inform Online: Enabling Success for Customer Facing Teams.

Accelerating Customer Success in the Digital Workplace

Sales engineers at Ciena serve their customers in many ways. They assist, consult with, design networks for, present to, and write proposals for their customers. Ciena's customer-facing team includes hundreds of sales engineers who need to access information, at any time, and from anywhere.

In this session, Hayder Mir and Tom Langlois, IT Directors at Ciena, will join Sinequa's Alana Cento to explore how to make sure customer-facing teams can easily access the information they need -- fast. Hear the strategies and the technologies used at Ciena and how they see the future of the digital workplace.


Tom Langlois

IT Director at

Hayder Mir

IT Director, Applications at

Alana Cento

Sr. Product Marketing Manager at

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"Inform Online: Enabling Success for Customer Facing Teams"

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