Microsoft and Sinequa: A winning strategy for a modern digital workplace

Inform Paris '21 was an opportunity for Xavier Pornain, SVP Corporate Development at Sinequa, to welcome Olivier Lanilis, Microsoft Director for ISVs. Watch this conversation to hear more about Sinequa and Microsoft's joint strategy to bring more intelligence into the work flow and modern workplace.

During this interview, the experts cover:

  • The major trends impacting the modern workplace: sustainability, cloud, security, hybrid work
  • Technological innovation through partnerships with innovative startups / ISVs
  • Access to information in a working environment optimized for employees
  • The new requirements for collaboration applications in Teams
  • The added value of Sinequa within the Microsoft platform

Olivier Lanilis - Director ISV & Startups at Microsoft

Olivier Lanilis

Director ISV & Startups at Microsoft

Xavier Pornain - SVP Corporate Development at Sinequa

Xavier Pornain

SVP Corporate Development at Sinequa

Inform Paris '21

Watch the full interview.

"Microsoft @Inform Paris '21"

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