Les Rencontres Sinequa - Société Générale.

Towards an efficient and relevant digital workplace.

Research at the service of the employee at Société Générale.

Intranet, sharepoint, corporate network or other, cannot fully meet the challenges of information sharing and collaboration in large groups. At Societe Generale, the digital workplace is above all part of a process of adopting new uses to bring value to employees. It was with this in mind that Sinequa was chosen, to enable everyone to:

  • Access relevant information in real time.
  • Identify the right experts on complex subjects.
  • To create a fluid user path.

We will be lucky enough to have Olivier Gilloire and Claire Draperi, Digital Workplace Owner on Investment Banking, among us to share their feedback and best practices.

Les Rencontres Sinequa - Société Générale

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"Les Rencontres Sinequa - Société Générale"

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