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Sinequa for Clinical Data

Which Scientific Search Tool is used by the most top pharma companies?

Top Life Sciences organizations are using Sinequa Clinical Data Search to help statisticians quickly find buried insights from their SAS, clinical protocol, and public data, leading to improved pass/fail ratios, data-driven design for new trials, and faster, more comprehensive studies.

Save Time and Lives in R&D with Sinequa Scientific Search

Save Time and Lives in R&D with Sinequa Scientific Search

The top Life Sciences organizations are already using Sinequa’s Scientific Search technology to build a connected view of information critical to making better—and faster—decisions about what’s being studied in their labs.

Intelligent Search Solutions for Asset Management

Intelligent Search Solutions for Asset Management

For asset and wealth managers, access to the right insights is critical to all aspects of the investment business, from making the right portfolio choices to expanding the number of products offered to clients. The right insights drive critical key portfolio decisions that bolster core revenue and surface incremental revenue opportunities.

Workplace Search - Put Your Content to Work

Workplace Search - Put Your Content to Work

Workplace and Knowledge Management leaders understand that employees’ ability to reuse knowledge directly impacts revenue and customer value. But employees still spend 25% of their time searching for the information they need to do their job. Why? They are drowning in tools that are largely siloed on contain growing masses of knowledge that makes it time-consuming - if not impossible - to find.


Search for the Win

The whitepaper delves into the importance of enterprise search in modern organizations. As organizations accumulate vast amounts of data from various sources, they need a solution to manage, analyze and extract insights from this data to improve their operations and decision-making processes.


Sinequa pour le Conseil d'Etat

Le Conseil d'État modernise son moteur de recherche avec Sinequa pour améliorer l'expérience utilisateur interne et externe.


Sinequa pour l'IRSN

Trouver la bonne information au bon moment est un défi pour les organisations d'aujourd'hui. Découvrez le challenge relevé par Sinequa pour valoriser la donnée au sein de l'IRSN.

AI is coming to change Drug Discovery in Life Sciences

AI is coming to change Drug Discovery in Life Sciences

We’re living in the age of unprecedented data, but the scale of information is a double-edged sword; while the chance to analyze data brings revolutionary opportunities for Life Sciences to speed up EVERY PART of their work, the sheer volume of data has buried the useful pieces beneath an impenetrable mountain of proprietary systems, enterprise platforms, and paywall-protected databases.

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