Cognitive Search & Analytics Capabilities Out-of-the-Box for Box Customers.

Sinequa partnership with Box amplifies cross-platform enterprise search and analytics.

Sinequa, a provider of natural language and machine learning-powered enterprise search and analytics, has announced a partnership with content platform firm Box to leverage the corpus of human-generated data within organizations for finding information and applying knowledge for business advantage. The partnership and integration, the first of its kind between an enterprise searchplatform and Box, allows customers to not only mine their Box content for meaning and human knowledge, but to also search simultaneously across other organizational repositories to multiply the value of this information by linking it with related content that – previously – may have been isolated instandalone silos.

Sinequa provides a broad family of 150+ connectors to various data sources, and the addition of the Box partnership further broadens the contextual understanding of the enterprise data corpus, by allowing individuals to quickly identify content relevant to their needs, across platforms, all from a single interface. The partnership is indicative of a broad trend toward increased product compatibility to break down silos, and signifies the company's eagerness to embrace an enterprise cloud-first philosophy that is quickly becoming the norm, even for regulated industries.

Cognitive Search & Analytics Capabilities Out-of-the-Box for Box Customers

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