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Does your company have a search problem?

Information is the lifeblood of your organization. And search has become so integral to our process as knowledge workers that we often take for granted that it’s even there.

But have you ever had the sense that you just can't put your finger on the right piece of data in your company's Sharepoint, Google Drive, or Documentum? Or you're searching every combination of keywords you can think of and coming up empty? Or you're sure someone in your company has a piece of knowledge to inform a decision, but you don't know who or how to ask?

Every day, large organizations lack a cognitive search platform that's able to access all data silos and to synthesize, interpret, and interrelate the critical information hidden in plain sight.

This whitepaper delves into the importance of enterprise search in modern organizations. As organizations accumulate vast amounts of data from various sources, they need a solution to manage, analyze, and extract insights from this data to improve their operations and decision-making processes. Enterprise search plays a crucial role in enabling organizations to unlock the value of their data and stay competitive in today's digital landscape.


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Other whitepapers.

Pathfinder Report - Information-Driven Compliance and Insight

Pathfinder Report - Information-Driven Compliance and Insight

This Pathfinder paper navigates decision-makers through the issues surrounding a specific technology or business case, explores the business value of adoption, and recommends the range of considerations and concrete next steps in the decision-making process.

Turning Data into Insight

Turning Data into Insight: Cognitive Search & Powerful Analytics for Life Science

Finding relevant knowledge in the complex and diverse data of Biopharma companies requires cognitive systems using Natural Language Processing (NLP) capable of "understanding" what unstructured data from texts and videos is about. This whitepaper highlights how Cognitive Search and Analytics are key elements for driving innovation, improving the efficiency of research, clinical trials, and regulatory processes.

Sinequa’s Intelligent Search Platform

Sinequa’s Intelligent Search Platform

Sinequa’s Intelligent Search platform fit perfectly to your system(s) and connect data-intensive organizations with the knowledge, expertise and insights to become information-driven. This intelligent search and machine learning platform allow you to have a comprehensive view of the information available but also the best understanding of the meaning it brings.

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