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Workplace Search for Manufacturing

Achieving operational excellence is more crucial than ever. Competition is intensifying, customer expectations are rising, and the need to minimize costs is critical. Manufacturers are in a race to improve the efficiency at each step of a product’s lifecycle, from its inception to development, production, sales, and support. Because of this, they need an efficient workforce to increase revenue and customer value for true operational excellence. But with a growing number of disparate systems and all the information that lives within them, employees face growing challenges finding the information they need.

Learn how leading organizations including NASA and Northrop Grumman use Sinequa to help their employees:

  • Achieve more, thanks to quick access to relevant knowledge and expertise.
  • Duplicate less work with the ability to easily locate work that's already been produced.
  • Make better decisions every day with a personalized and intuitive search tool that connects to all your information sources.
Workplace Search for Manufacturing

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