KM World - Best practices for Intelligent Search

Sinequa provides an intelligent search plat­ form that enables organizations to become information-driven, which means having actionable information presented in context to surface insights, inform decisions, and el­ evate productivity, consistently and reliably. Our platform consists of packaged technology that allows this to happen quickly and with­ out sacrificing context or quality as typically happens with "lossy'' approaches involving data migration.

Let's explore some of the best practices for becoming information-driven using intelligent search by leveraging the experience Sinequa has gained working with large customers within knowledge-intensive industries.

Best Practices for Intelligent Search

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"Best practices for Intelligent Search"

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Sinequa for Clinical Data

Which Scientific Search Tool is used by the most top pharma companies?

Top Life Sciences organizations are using Sinequa Clinical Data Search to help statisticians quickly find buried insights from their SAS, clinical protocol, and public data, leading to improved pass/fail ratios, data-driven design for new trials, and faster, more comprehensive studies.

AI is coming to change Drug Discovery in Life Sciences

AI is coming to change Drug Discovery in Life Sciences

We’re living in the age of unprecedented data, but the scale of information is a double-edged sword; while the chance to analyze data brings revolutionary opportunities for Life Sciences to speed up EVERY PART of their work, the sheer volume of data has buried the useful pieces beneath an impenetrable mountain of proprietary systems, enterprise platforms, and paywall-protected databases.

Cognitive Search for Global Manufacturing

Cognitive Search for Global Manufacturing

Sinequa helps organizations achieve a unified view of their supply chain that provides cohesive visibility across all applications that manage information about products, suppliers and customers.

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