4 Reasons PLM Projects Fail

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems are the heart of any innovative manufacturing organization. All manufacturing organizations rely on some level of PLM for successful product creation, but in world-class organizations, PLM software can be so much more.

Before organizations can fully take advantage of the PLM approach’s benefits, they need help to shake the dirt off their valuable, buried data, and make it work for them as an organizational asset.

With all the value that a PLM system can offer, why do so many manufacturers still struggle with missed deadlines, continuous rework, and lost threads? It’s because PLM systems are great, but they aren’t perfect.

Download the Industry Brochure and discover how Sinequa’s Search Cloud helps manufacturing and aerospace organizations put their wealth of data to work by unlocking the potential of their buried information.

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Search for the Win

The whitepaper delves into the importance of enterprise search in modern organizations. As organizations accumulate vast amounts of data from various sources, they need a solution to manage, analyze and extract insights from this data to improve their operations and decision-making processes.

Cognitive Search Brings the Power of AI to Enterprise Search

KM World: Cognitive Search Brings the Power of AI to Enterprise Search

What is Cognitive Search? Forrester, one of the leading analyst firms, defines Cognitive Search in a recent report as: The new generation of enterprise search that employs AI technologies such as natural language processing and machine learning to ingest, understand, organize, and query digital content from multiple data sources. Here is a shorter version, easy to memorize: Cognitive Search = Search + NLP + AI/ML.

Experton: Durchblick durch Einblick

Experton: Durchblick durch Einblick

Semantische Analyseverfahren für neue Erkenntnisse aus unstrukturierten Daten

Die Ära der Geschäftsentscheidungen auf Basis einfacher Reports geht zu Ende. Rein statistische Analysen und Korrelationen genügen zukünftigen Business-Anforderungen nicht mehr. Informationen müssen in einem logischen Zusammenhang gebracht werden. Nur durch eine neuartige Sicht auf große strukturierte, unstrukturierte und teilstrukturierte Daten lassen sich wirklich neue Erkenntnisse gewinnen.

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