Transforming Financial Organizations with an Information-Driven Approach

"An in-depth proof of concept of the leading market solutions confirmed that Sinequa was a step ahead for combining sophisticated analytics, including advanced Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. Sinequa provided the most relevant insight for our users from both structured and unstructured data while complying with our high standards in terms of data security."

Peter Schminke, IT Specialist at
DZ Bank

How Sinequa helps Financial Services Organizations Unlock the Potential of their Data

As part of a leading Financial services organization (FSO), you maintain and collect massive volumes of data, which can be a double-edged sword. Collecting and maintaining increased amounts of data related to your customers and portfolios can provide tremendous opportunities to increase revenue and reduce risk. Yet at the same time, you are required to comply with even more stringent regulations. These regulations such as Dodd Frank (US), MiFID II (EU), the GDPR (EU) and the proposed California Consumer Privacy Act are examples of major regulatory changes that heighten the pressure on your organization to organize and secure data as well as make it readily accessible no matter where it is stored and in what applications.

There are many ways in which Sinequa’s AI-Powered Search & Analytics platform can help your organization, including:

  • Leveraging technology to surface actionable information across all business functions – including customer service, risk management, investment banking, regulatory compliance, and asset management.
  • Finding patterns and relationships among disparate data from different silos to deliver an advanced Know Your Customer (KYC) approach with contextual insights from a timeline of important events including M&A activity, fundraising, credits, litigation, etc.
  • Surfacing topically relevant information from disparate sources in a unified view - for example, a 360° view of a bond fund that brings together information from different business applications, previous analysis, broker commentary, email, new sites, etc.
  • Learn how becoming Information-Driven has enabled leading FSOs such as, Crédit Agricole, DZ Bank, Franklin Templeton, Groupama, LCL and Navy Federal Credit Union to enhance the performance of key stakeholders in multiple and significant ways.
Transforming Financial Organizations

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'Transforming Financial Organizations with an Information-Driven Approach'

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