About Eric.

Eric Leibenguth is the Director of Application Design at Sinequa. Formerly an engineer at Airbus and a graduate from Ecole Polytechnique, he has always loved designing software for other people to use, ever since he programmed his first video game as a teenager. At Sinequa, he leads the development of the SBA framework and he keeps innovating to create new applications leveraging all the power of the Sinequa platform.
The art of Content Analysis

The art of Content Analysis

The past decade has seen the democratization of data analysis . Armed with Tableau or Power BI tools, data analysts can quickly digest vast amounts of data to uncover useful ...


The unexpected complexity of data connectors

A connector is a program that fetches data from an external system to bring it into your system. How hard can it be to make one? By that definition, the following ...

search based application

Understanding Search-Based Applications

A Search-Based Application, or SBA, is an application in which the main functionalities are powered by a search engine, as opposed to other technologies such as relational databases. The application may ...

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