The advantage of becoming Information-Driven

The Benefits of Becoming
Information-Driven Using
AI & Machine Learning

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Software, Data, & Algorithms: The Currency of Digital Transformation

of enterprise applications spending will be for new task-level applications that incorporate software, data, and algorithms

Cognitive Search & Analytics to Accelerate Innovation

BY 2020
of enterprises will implement advanced classification solutions to automate access, retention, and disposition of unstructured content, making it more useful for analytics
Organizations able to analyze all relevant data and deliver actionable information will achieve an extra
in productivity benefits over their less-analytically-oriented peers
(source IDC)

Content Analytics & Information Handling:
Key to Organizational Success

Most of this content is stored in dozens, if not hundreds, of individual silos

In 2018, according to IDC’s Global DataSphere model, of the 29 zettabytes of data creation worldwide, 88% is unstructured content

Content analytics and information-handling technologies are not created equal—especially open source technologies

IT focus on structured data issues

Handling Information Challenges with Ai and Machine Learning Top Information-Handling Challenges:

  • IT focus on structured data issues, not unstructured data (where most of the value lies)
  • 86% of organizations expect to adjust their data strategy (evaluate implications of data management, data availability, data access control, and quality) to make effective use of AI and machine learning technologies
  • Siloed data models and applications
  • Fragmented processes and development approaches to handling unstructured information

Becoming an Information-Driven Organization

To facilitate digital transformation, organizations should adopt these best practices:

Extract values from all data sources, structured and unstructured
  • Create a strategy to tie structured and unstructured data sources together
  • Develop and promote an organizational culture that treats information as a key asset
  • Use advanced technologies such as text analytics, auto-categorization, auto-tagging, etc., to identify, facilitate, and extract value from data sources
  • Create a single, unified index to provide secure access to all information within the organization

AI & Machine Learning Provide
Actionable Insights to Enable Intelligent
Automation and Decision Making

Key technology and process considerations:

Key technoligies with AI and Machine Learning
  • AI & machine learning can glean insights from unstructured data and help “connect the dots” between previously unconnected data points, surfacing relationships explicitly
  • Actionable information must be presented in context to surface insights, inform decisions, and elevate productivity with an easy-to-use application
  • Look for information-handling technologies that can be used in large scale deployments for complex, heterogeneous, and data-sensitive environments
  • Enrich content automatically and at scale
  • Continuously improve relevancy over time based on user actions driven by machine learning
  • Improve understanding by intelligently analyzing unstructured content
Become Information-Driven with Automate Decision-Making

The Bottom Line

Enabled by machine learning–based automation, there will be a massive change in the way data and content is managed and analyzed to provide advisory services and support, as well as automate decision-making across the enterprise.

Using information-driven technologies and processes, the scope of knowledge work, advisory services, and decisions that will be automated will expand exponentially based on intelligent systems.

Sinequa Pricing – A simple and proven pricing model


The Sinequa platform comes as complete offering with a subscription-based license, for a term of three to five years.

Volume-based – No Hidden costs

Pricing is based solely on the volume of data (documents and records) ingested into the platform. Pricing intervals are generously defined, such that users do not generally have to pay more when adding smaller data sources.

Sinequa’s license allows for:

  • Unlimited number of users
  • Unlimited number of servers
  • Unlimited number of cores
  • Unlimited number of environments
  • Unlimited number of queries
  • Unlimited access to our growing portfolio of smart connectors at no additional cost
  • Unlimited usage within a legal entity
  • Cloud or on-premise (or hybrid) deployment models without affecting pricing

Since customers usually have an order of magnitude more database records than documents to ingest, records count an order of magnitude less in the pricing than documents.

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