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Big Data Analytics London 2018

Big Data Analytics London 2018

Sinequa will be participating as a Silver Plus sponsor in Big Data Analytics London 2018 that will take place on November 27th 2018 in London, UK. We look forward to seeing you there on our booth!

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How Alstom Delivers Instant Insight from Data Across the Organisation with Cognitive Search – 14:35

By Thomas Verlhac, Digital Solutions Manager, Alstom

As a leader in the digital transformation of the rail industry, Alstom understands the value of connecting people to relevant information to develop and market their products and services effectively.

Through contextualized research tools, Alstom sought to provide employees with the capabilities needed to find the information they needed in a few clicks, thus making the company faster and more efficient overall.

As part of this digital transformation initiative, Alstom selected Sinequa’s Cognitive Search & Analytics platform to provide to their employees a more efficient and simplified internal research platform, in order to facilitate access to all the company’s information, starting with technical, reference, regulatory and legislative compliance documents.

About the event

Information is burgeoning inside businesses at an exponential rate, generated by social media, transactions, smartphones and other sources.

The total amount of data being captured and stored by industry doubles nearly every year. Enterprises are gathering more data, at a faster pace, than ever before and companies are increasingly looking to tap into the potential of these vast swathes of fast-moving, unstructured and complex streams of data to achieve step-change improvements in growth and performance.

Big Data is much more than simply a matter of size – it presents an opportunity to discover key insights and emerging trends in data, make business more agile, board room decisions better informed, and answer questions that have previously been considered unanswerable. In a competitive marketplace, data driven innovation form a key pillar in twenty-first century sources of growth.


Date : November 27- 2018
Location: London, UK

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