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How the Sinequa Insight Engine Streamlines Global Biopharma Product Development

The worldwide rush to develop a COVID-19 vaccine has been front-page news for months. The media has shined a light on just how complex it is to develop new vaccines, drugs, and other healthcare products. To “discover” a new drug requires ...

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Healcare & life science

Data overwhelms most Healthcare and Life Sciences (HLS) organizations. It’s big data but spread across siloed systems with little information and insights. This slows HLS processes, such as the time between patient diagnosis and treatment or the development time for new drugs or devices. Read these blog posts to learn how Sinequa’s platform to unifies the drug discovery and development process, connects the patient experience across patients, providers, and completes the digital workplace.

Sea of data

How Biopharmaceutical Companies Can Fish Relevant Information From A Sea Of Data

Content and data in the biopharmaceutical industry are complex and growing at an exponential rate. Terabytes from research and development, testing, lab reports, and patients reside in sources such as databases, emails, scientific publications, and medical records. Information that could be ...

Healthcare & Life Sciences
COVID Intelligent Insight Research Tool

COVID Intelligent Insight Research Tool

On behalf of everyone at Sinequa, we want to thank you for all of your efforts and personal sacrifices to help combat the current global health crisis. We’d like to help.In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, Sinequa has dedicated our time ...

Healthcare & Life Sciences
Ferring Pharmaceuticals selects Sinequa and Atos

Ferring Pharmaceuticals selects Sinequa and Atos to boost Global Cognitive Search Capabilities for R&D

As a testament of Sinequa’s fast growing footprint among leading life sciences organizations, we are very excited to announce that Ferring Pharmaceuticals selected Sinequa and Atos to boost its global cognitive search capabilities. Sinequa’s Cognitive Search & Analytics solution was recently ...

Healthcare & Life Sciences
Cognitive R&D

Cognitive R&D – Leveraging Cognitive Search and Analytics to Amplify Research and Development Expertise

Forces of global competition, narrow margins, higher product development costs, and tenuous exclusivity holds drive organizations to push innovation, seek cost cutting strategies, and go-to-market as quickly as possible. Demands change frequently while regulatory and compliance standards become even more stringent. ...

Healthcare & Life Sciences

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