Briefing on Investigation Intelligence.

Be briefed on how to accelerate audits and investigations.

You’re submerged in data. And 90% of this data is unstructured and hidden. You spend 10 hours a week sifting data before you can analyze and apply your expertise and judgment. Too much of this work is manual.

Traditional investigative and audit tools help somewhat. They handle structured information. But the traditional tools leave unstructured data dark and don’t make good use of developments in artificial intelligence (AI). Read our briefing paper to understand how a new kind of software tool, Search-Based Investigation Intelligence, helps you audit and investigate faster across all your data.

In this 8-page briefing, you will learn how to:

  • Speed Investigations: Reduce time spent searching and analyzing
  • Mine Hidden Clues: Make all your data visible and get ahead of emerging risks
  • Stop Bad Actors Sooner: Reduce risks and losses by quickly identifying issues

Sinequa’s Investigation Intelligence solution gives auditors and investigators a complete view of their data. It connects and detects patterns and shines a light into the black hole of unstructured data.

Applying the power of AI means auditors and investigators spend less time gathering data and more time assessing potential threats, crimes, risks, and opportunities.

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Briefing on Investigation Intelligence

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