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Register to the CMSWire and Sinequa webinar, on October 6th, where we will display 1-10 more than 400 results that demonstrate how your approach to search is probably wrong.

The Great Resignation is still affecting many different sectors; employees are quitting because they don’t have the tools to do their best work. You and the IT admins on your team need to take a long hard look at where technology is failing employees — areas such as enterprise search. If workers can’t do their best work they’re going to leave — and your company likely can’t afford the institutional knowledge loss that comes with high turnover. Although enterprise search is an often overlooked component of the digital workplace, it has an outsized impact on the employee experience.

Surprised? Do you think that your organization is well equipped to build the augmented workplace that is required by your organization’s employees?

In June 2022, CMSWire and Sinequa performed market research that breaks down the perceptions that prevent large companies to be successful in their digital workplace’s projects. Find out where the disconnects are, evaluate the misalignment, and explore paths to fix the collaboration challenges. In this webinar you'll learn: Understand the major perception differences between IT and business users regarding the search experience How to build an employee-centric digital workplace How to fix the challenges of enterprise search

Join us at 9am PT/ 12pm ET with:.

Scott ParkerDirector, Product Marketing - at Sinequa
Scott Parker
Director, Product Marketing
at Sinequa

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  • Oct. 06 2022
  • 9am PT/ 12pm ET – 1 hour
Register to the CMSWire webinar on October 6th

Register to the CMSWire webinar on October 6th at 9am PT/ 12pm ET.

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