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Access the technical documentation portal, to get help on how to set up any product feature or component.

Download center

Download the latest versions of the Sinequa platform, and check-out the related release notes.

Visit the Support services

Reach out to the support team through the customer support portal.

Sinequa on Github

Visit our Github repositories which include all the open source samples and supplemental packages to enhance the Sinequa platform.

Partner Corner

As a Sinequa partner, discover the whole Sinequa universe and benefit from the Partner programs advantages, including a complete sales kit and multiple technical guidelines

Sinequa University

You can explore our offerings so that you are empowered with in-depth product knowledge to deliver the best search experience. Start by selecting a course from our full eLearning course catalog, or begin your journey with our Professional Certifications. These courses have content beginning with foundational product content and provide three levels of certification to help you quickly gain advanced technical skills to extend the use of Sinequa’s Intelligent Search platform.

Sinequa Overflow

With Sinequa Overflow forum, post any technical question you may have, find immediate answers from its existing knowledge base or share your specific implementation experience with the entire community.

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