Enterprise search for industries.

We focus on specific industries.

Our industry solutions share the same foundational technologies. We offer a range of entry points. You can start with enterprise search or a use case specific to your industry. And we adapt to your industry and users by designing and building customized apps that meet the unique needs of your organization.

Life science

Life Sciences.

“Sinequa’s platform helps unify the drug discovery and development process, ultimately, improving and saving lives.”

Financial Services.

“Customers, employees, and financial firms all benefit from using Sinequa’s enterprise search. Financial institutions can accelerate workflows, extract value from all their data, provide better customer service, and leverage their investment in legacy systems. Meanwhile, employees feel more engaged and customers get more competent service.”
Financial services


“Sinequa helps manufacturing employees work better and faster because they have a central place to get their questions answered and find relevant information and insights, be it on products, parts, design or maintenance, suppliers or customers. Consistently well-informed employees make better decisions faster, which leads to superior business performance for the entire organization.”

Government, Defense & Security.

“Leading defense and intelligence agencies use Sinequa to investigate high-level threats and even predict future threats. Law enforcement uses Sinequa to search and analyze a wide range of sources for insightful clues. Financial controllers use Sinequa to detect and prevent fraudulent activity.”
Government, Defense & Security

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