Enterprise Search ROI Calculator.

Enterprise Search can drive real business results.

This ROI Calculator is a tool designed to help organizations to better understand the potential productivity gains that can be expected from a deployment of the Sinequa Enterprise Search platform. The calculated gains are based on the outlined principles as follows..

The estimated Return On Investment is based on market data from independent research studies carried out by IDC, McKinsey, Interact Source, Gartner and Microsoft combined with Sinequa’s own real-world experiences - based on customers’ feedback. The main parameters taken into account are:

  • The size and complexity of an organization’s data assets
  • The number of Information Workers, i.e. employees who create, manage, share, receive and use information in the course of their daily work
  • The amount of effort an organization is willing to invest in its user adoption plan

This 'ROI Calculator' only shows a segment of the value that can be obtained with Sinequa. It conveys the value of having a powerful Enterprise Search tool which connects people to corporate content. The ROI is therefore based on enhancing the productivity of knowledge workers by breaking down internal data silos and enabling access to an organization’s entire global information assets.

The Sinequa platform can generate additional value to an organization with “business-specific search” use cases. In that context, the ROI will not only be based on productivity gains but will also lead to additional benefits related to revenue generation, costs optimization or compliance - just to name a few.


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