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, USA - 9am ET | 3pm CEST
Empowering Digital Transformation with Sinequa

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Digital Transformation is everywhere these days, but is so much more than a buzzword. It’s about unlocking the potential of technology to disrupt the status quo, stay agile, and drive value for both employees and customers. And while it leads with “digital”, this transformation is very much driven by the expectations of customers and employees.

The goal of digital transformation is to reimagine how business gets done by finding ways to work smarter, faster, and more efficiently—or by discovering completely new ways to better compete. Technology, market factors, and business needs all rapidly and continuously evolve. Digital transformation is the means to adapt to these changes, by also continuously evolving.

Join us as we bring together our most innovative customers and partners leading digital transformation strategies in their own organizations to share their findings and best practices. Scroll down to see the full agenda.

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  • Nov. 01 2022
  • 9am ET | 3pm CEST
  • Glasshouse Chelsea
    545 W 25th Street
    New York, NY 10001
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Event Agenda

Welcome to Inform New York
Scott Parker - Director of Product Marketing at Sinequa

Scott Parker

Director of Product Marketing at

Scott Parker is the Product Marketing Director at Sinequa and believes that using modern technology to connect individual workers to the collective knowledge and expertise of an organization in order to do their jobs more effectively drastically improves the overall performance of the entire organization.

Predictions in Digital Transformation with Forrester

    As a top technology industry analyst, strategy advisor, and consultant to the worlds leading global enterprises and technology vendors, Mike will share a about the future of advanced technology and it's immediate and pragmatic application to enterprise needs and technology vendor strategy.

    Mike Gualtieri - VP, Principal Analyst at Forrester

    Mike Gualtieri

    VP, Principal Analyst at

    With over 30 years in the industry, Mike's research focuses on AI technologies, platforms, and practices that enable technology professionals to deliver applications that lead to prescient digital experiences and breakthrough operational efficiency.

    Empowering the Speed to Drug Discovery with Search

    Giovanni Piazza, who has been responsible for an Enterprise Search Engine program since 1996, will offer some thoughts on these tropes, and – more important – on how to create a winning user experience, centered on the concept of “findability” in drug discovery.

    Giovanni Piazza - Head of Knowledge Management at Takeda

    Giovanni Piazza

    Head of Knowledge Management at

    Giovanni is responsible for molding his organization's global technology presence and its digital environment. He is recognized as a forward thinking innovator and agent of change that leads the coordination of global advocacy to articulate, promote and justify an organization's global information, knowledge and digital agenda, making knowledge readily available to employees globally.

    Mending the Digital Thread

    Today's organizations are looking to turn information chaos into discoverable information. Learn how a team at Northrop Grumman united siloed legacy data sources into a platform with popular "LinkedIn-style" social media features -- ensuring that information and expertise can be found at any time.

    Principal Software Engineer
    Monique Kitts - Principal Software Engineer at Northrop Grumman

    Monique Kitts

    Principal Software Engineer at

    Monique Kitts currently serves as a Service Delivery Lead Manager. As manager, Kitts contributes to the shared success of Northrop Grumman employees, customers, and warfighters as a technical liaison.

    Taking Technical Support to New Heights with Sinequa's Search Platform

    Discover how Airbus Helicopters is optimizing their customer support process, and ultimately, improve safety of their helicopters, by identifying weak signals. Frederic will also share the roadmap of how implementing the Sinequa Search Platform helped drive success.

    Frederic Antoine - Technical Support Network Manager at Airbus Helicopters

    Frederic Antoine

    Technical Support Network Manager at

    Frederic Antoine, Technical Support Network Manager & Business Solutions Architect at Airbus Helicopters, has acquired decades of experience in improving technical support for their customers and leads the digital transformation of Technical Support activities facing the customer.

    The Future of Enterprise Search

    Sinequa’s Neural Search provides the most sophisticated engine for discovering enterprise information assets available on the market today. By combining state-of-the-art deep learning language models with the best NLP and statistical techniques, employees and customers spend less time searching for information and more time developing insights to drive decisions and solutions.

    Alexandre Bilger - CEO at Sinequa

    Alexandre Bilger

    CEO at

    With over twenty years of experience as a top executive within enterprise software, Alexandre has a proven ability to build and lead high performing organizations. In addition to being a thought leader, he is passionate about cutting edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, cognitive computing and natural language processing.

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