Making Knowledge Discoverable to Your Newly Distributed Workforce.

How to make knowledge discoverable to your newly distributed workforce

A key to successful knowledge management is ensuring information is easily accessible. But when it’s stored across different repositories, in all different formats, it has a ripple effect across the organization

Projects are delayed, issues take longer to solve, tasks are duplicated, people get frustrated, and expensive errors are made. For organizations to truly become knowledge-centric, they need a complete enterprise search solution. One that gives employees a single, personalized place to access all relevant information and insights, wherever they live. Not only does it save employees’ time, but it impacts strategic priorities, including cost savings, revenue increases, and risk mitigation.

Alana Cento, Product Marketing Manager at Sinequa, discusses how to build a case for a powerful and complete enterprise search technology for your organization with examples from our most successful customers.

Alana Cento

Alana Cento

Product Marketing Manager at Sinequa

Making Knowledge Discoverable in the Digital Workplace

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"Making Knowledge Discoverable to Your Newly Distributed Workforce"

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