Introduction to Enterprise Search.

Webinar - 11h30-12h15 GMT - 12h30-13h15 CET
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What is search about?

The information search is an important daily activity for employees. Information search must be fast, relevant while digging into an ever growing number of data inside the organisation. Google comes to one's mind, of course!

How is enterprise search different?

Though enterprise search may face a lesser number of data, its complexity as well as the many sources of information make it much more difficult. Enterprise search has a bigger commitment: make information be found quickly and be relevant, and it has become crucial to the organisations.

Over the last decades, searching information has become quite common. However, enterprise search remains quite unfamiliar to employees in the frame of their activities.

During the webinar, you will discover or rediscover the genesis and the evolution of enterprise search, and we will unveil its vast scope, such as:

  • Searching and accessing the information where it is
  • Filing, storing and organising the data without distortion or damage
  • Exploring and investigating
  • Helping the users get the best out of their search

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Michael BachSenior Solutions Engineer - Sinequa
Michael Bach
Senior Solutions Engineer

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Practical information.

  • Feb. 09 2023
  • 11h30-12h15 GMT - 12h30-13h15 CET

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