Smarter Services Executive Symposium.

Chicago, IL, USA
Thank you for joining us at Service Council's Smarter Services Executive Symposium in Chicago.

We hope you enjoyed connecting with our team at the Smarter Services Executive Symposium. Thank you for joining us there! Throughout the event, we gained insights from industry leaders in customer service and support who shared their remarkable initiatives fueling business transformations.

Our team had a great time showcasing how Sinequa's search platform is playing a pivotal role in helping organizations revolutionize the customer experience using Generative AI and our cutting-edge search capabilities.

If you would like to learn why global organizations, including Airbus Helicopters, Siemens, Pfizer, UCB, and more, trust Sinequa to make all information findable and actionable, request a demo to learn what Sinequa's search platform can do for your organization.

Service Council's Smarter Services Executive Symposium

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  • Sep. 11-13 2023
  • JW Marriott, Chicago
  • 151 W. Adams Street, Chicago, IL 60603, US

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