ExperTalk: Partner Edition.

- 11:00 AM EST | 4:00 PM CET - Webinar
Join our Sinequa experts for a special edition: Partners only!

In the upcoming ExperTalk, we will show you, our partners, the whole universe of available content and tools that will simplify and improve your work with Sinequa. All content and courses have been created to help you succeed throughout the customer journey… from marketing activities that are easy to implement to learnings and resources that increase sales velocity, up to training courses that help facilitate deployment and ongoing projects.

Register now and let Sinequa's VP Center of Excellence, Luc Manigot, walk you through the many courses available in Sinequa University and the resources in the brand new Partner Corner. He will guide you through and highlight the added values.

We will take a closer look at the recently added courses that explore different areas of the Sinequa platform. And introduce two new advanced courses called "Sinequa Master Training", which will provide a more comprehensive learning experience for those already certified in Sinequa and are looking for an additional challenge.

Let's start 2022 together with the aim of reaching the next level with an even more powerful and successful partnership. A partnership dedicated to the shared mission of delivering a best-in-class experience with the Sinequa platform.


Luc ManigotVP Center of Excellence - Sinequa
Luc Manigot
VP Center of Excellence
Sinequa ExperTalk

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  • Jan. 18 2022
  • 11:00 AM EST | 4:00 PM CET

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