IDC Case Study: Agile Information Discovery at AstraZeneca

Agile information discovery is a challenge for many organizations with their current internal and external search and discovery methods. As cognitive technologies like natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) become more popular and integrated with many emerging technologies, so, too, does traditional enterprise search and discovery systems that utilize these capabilities.

A large majority of information discovery systems face many criticisms and challenges. The systems are not agile, cost-effective, timely, or accurate enough to face the demands needed to handle the deluge of internal and external data sources in structured and unstructured formats. Thus many organizations are turning to vendors, such as Sinequa, that can offer these new cognitive technologies as part of their information discovery offerings.

Carrie Solinger, Senior Research Analyst & David Schubmehl, Research Director IDC

This IDC case study examines how AstraZeneca is leveraging Sinequa Cognitive Search and Analytics platform to:

  • Create an internal application store and use agile information discovery across all the organization’s departments
  • Improve and streamline R&D and business processes throughout its organization

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Download the report “Agile Information Discovery at AstraZeneca” written by Carrie Solinger, Senior Research Analyst & David Schubmehl, Research Director at IDC.

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