IDC Vendor Spotlight 2017

Cognitive Applications
Vendor Spotlight

IDC Vendor Spotlight

Information Discovery & Knowledge Discovery in the Era of Cognitive Applications

By David Schubmehl – Research Director at IDC, covering cognitive systems & content analytics

Executive Summary

Content analysis, recommendations, and decision making are critical components in search and discovery systems. The introduction of big data and the advancement of search-based analytics platforms have reinforced this awareness. Recently, vendors have turned to artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive computing, which include aspects of natural language processing and machine learning, to address the growth of the search-based analytics market. Artificial intelligence and cognitive computing provide technologies and capabilities to solve the challenge of ingesting large amounts of diverse data to deliver more accurate and timely results and insights. This Vendor Spotlight examines how Sinequa leverages artificial intelligence and cognitive computing–based analytics to meet the immediate needs of companies that are looking to address complex problems with easy-to-use, powerful solutions featuring simplified interfaces that do not require subject matter experts and data scientists.

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IDC Vendor Spotlight 2017

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