Insight Platform Overview

The Sinequa Insight platform provides instant insights extracted from structured and unstructured data for Fortune Global 2000 companies and government agencies. Its Cognitive Search & Analytics platform offers broad connectivity to all enterprise data sources and combines disruptive analytical tools including Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to increase the enterprise IQ and also continuously improve its ROI. You will also discover why you should become Information-driven with an AI-powered search platform.

How Does it Work ?

180+ ready-to-use connectors for rapid extraction of insights from all Enterprise Applications, Hadoop and Cloud environments
Deep content analytics with a well-crafted combination of technologies: Natural Language Processing (NLP) in more than 21 languages coupled with statistical analysis and packaged Machine Learning
Integrated AI Cloud services: Image Recognition, Speech to Text, Natural Language Translation, Video transcription
Extremely scalable architecture managing hundreds of thousands of users, hundreds of millions of documents and billions of database records
Insight Platform Architecture

Business Benefits

Valuable information from all enterprise data including structured and unstructured data from both internal and external sources
Easy, secure and quick access to relevant information for people in their work context
Unrivalled relevance of information even in highly complex environments via Natural Language Processing (NLP), statistical analysis and Machine Learning (ML)
Permanent enrichment of the Sinequa Logical Data Warehouse thanks to the combination of diverse analytics tools
Strong domain competence via integration of business knowledge (customer dictionaries, ontologies, taxonomies, etc.)
IT and business costs optimization with a higher ROI and an accelerated Time-To-Market
End to end platform developed by an ISV with complete sovereignty over its R&D agenda (not hampered by a diverse corporate product portfolio)
Strong worldwide network of partners with Sinequa exertise (Consulting, implementation / integration) to deploy customer projects

IT Benefits

Access to ALL enterprise data sources seamlessly via 180+ ready-to-use smart connectors while respecting the right of access of each user to the information.
Speed and ease of implementation that allow to deliver value to users in a matter of weeks rather than months or years
Harness Machine Learning easily using Spark clusters within the Sinequa Grid architecture
Enhance data security and meet the demands of highest sensitivity deployments in Defense, Law Enforcement and Financial Intelligence
Keep the enterprise application landscape as is whilst dramatically reduces the load on enterprise applications.
Minimize the use of computing resources compared to older solutions. This holds as well for on-premise and cloud resources
Agility of corporate IT: develop Information applications can be developed on top of the Sinequa platform independently of “classic” enterprise applications by following the evolution of your business
Ready-to-use connectors

180 + Ready-to-Use Connectors

Sinequa Insight Platform offers a series of smart connectors for On Premise, Cloud and Big Data Hadoop environments. These “plug-and-play” connectors enable seamless access to data, wherever it resides, with as much agility as speed and security.

Alfresco v5
Apache Hive
Amazon Redshift
Amazon Dynamo DB
Amazon S3
Blue Kiwi
EMC Documentum
Facebook Crawler
Hadoop FileSystem
Hadoop Map-Reduce
Microsoft OneDrive
Microsoft Sharepoint
SharePoint Online
Open Text
PTC Windchill
Twitter Crawler
Veeva Vault
And many more

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