Sinequa and Aurexia Join Forces to Deliver AI-Driven Insights to Improve Data Management and Customer Experience for Financial Institutions.

Paris & New York - May 15 2019 - Sinequa, a leader in cognitive search and analytics, and Aurexia, a leader in business consulting for financial services, today announced a partnership to deliver AI-powered technologies that provide financial institutions with maximum protection and control over sensitive customer data, and deliver a smarter, more robust customer experience by delivering contextual insights.

Financial institutions collect massive volumes of data, which can be a double-edged sword. Maintaining significant amounts of customer and portfolio data can provide tremendous opportunities for increased revenue and reduced risks. Yet organizations must comply with stringent regulations such as Dodd Frank (US), MiFID II (EU) and the GDPR (EU). These major regulatory changes heighten the pressure on financial organizations to organize and secure sensitive Non-Public Information (NPI) and Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

A majority of financial institutions are under-exploiting the volumes of unstructured data, and specifically available data about their clients, that can be helpful for risk & compliance purposes and improved customer service,” said Charles Bain de la Coquerie, partner at Aurexia. “In our view, explicitly mining this content to identify and capture contextual insights using Sinequa’s platform provides tangible business benefits to financial organizations.

Located in London, Paris, Luxembourg and in Asia, Aurexia operates exclusively in financial services and provides a business consultancy through its dedicated practices: Capital Markets, Transaction Banking, Securities Services, Asset Management, Private Banking, Retail Banking, Finance, Risk and Insurance.

Aurexia’s expertise is also focused on supporting the digital transformation efforts of banks using Sinequa’s AI-powered search & analytics platform to uncover insights to improve client management services, mitigate risks, accelerate compliance with regulatory mandates and more.

We continue to expand our footprint in the financial services industry, and we are excited to partner with Aurexia, an established leader in the space, to advance that progress,” said Patrick Metaireau, director, Channel Sales EMEA at Sinequa. “Together, we provide customers with powerful intelligence solutions that extract value from financial data and surface actionable information across all business functions, so it can be used to improve things like customer service, risk management, investment banking, regulatory compliance and asset management.

For more information about how Sinequa helps Financial Services Organizations unlock the potential of their data, please visit:

About Aurexia.

Founded in 2006, AUREXIA is a business management-consulting firm, committed to helping clients within the financial services industry achieve substantial and lasting improvements in their organizations. With consultants based in 5 different countries, Aurexia can bring unparalled value and expertise to clients globally and help them to take on challenges involving the re-structuring of their business model, re-shaping of operations and processes all within an increasingly restrictive regulatory framework. Aurexia’s commitment to research and development is materialized with the Aurexia Institute insights production on all financial services business topics. Aurexia continues to further develop it capabilities in digital transformation by setting up the AUREXIA FINLAB which manages all dimensions of our innovation clients’ needs including working with external innovative providers such as Sinequa. For more information,

About Sinequa.

Sinequa is an independent software vendor providing an AI-Powered Search & Analytics platform for Global 2000 companies and government agencies that connects people with the information, expertise and insights necessary for organizations to become information-driven. For Sinequa customers, this means actionable information presented in context to surface insights, inform decisions, and elevate productivity. The platform has been forged by experience in projects for large organizations in complex environments with large and diverse sets of data and content. Sinequa’s unified platform is fully integrated and configurable to support current and future needs around becoming information-driven. For more information,
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