Sinequa Featured in IDC Technology Spotlight Dedicated to Financial Services Organizations.

With increased regulatory pressures, data silo proliferation and cognitive drain on analysts, AI-powered platforms become a key enabler to extract insights from data

New York, USA - January 16 2019 - Sinequa, a leader in cognitive search and analytics, today announced that the company is featured in a new IDC Technology Spotlight report: Financial Services Organizations: Extracting Powerful Insights with AI-Powered Platforms. The report, written by Steven D'Alfonso, research director, IDC Financial Insights, and David Schubmehl, research director, Cognitive/AI Systems, highlights the importance of AI-powered platforms in their ability to extract insights from data as well as the need for financial services organizations (FSOs) to improve their capabilities to derive insights from the data they possess.

According to the report, collecting and maintaining increased amounts of data related to their clients and portfolios can provide major opportunities to improve the customer experience and increase revenue while reducing risk. But at the same time, too much data can be a cognitive drain on analysts and knowledge workers. This increasing need to collect data from multiple applications requires FSO stakeholders to organize and provision their data in ways that allow analysts to extract meaningful insights. AI can help FSOs mature from being data-driven to being information-driven.

Over the years, Sinequa has continued to expand its footprint within leading financial institutions such as Credit Agricole, DZ Bank, LCL, and Navy Federal Credit Union as our platform enables them to tackle the challenges highlighted in this report,” said Scott Parker, director of product marketing at Sinequa. “By offering a broad-based AI-powered platform including search, content analytics, semantic understanding and auto categorization technologies, Sinequa provides relevant insights to users in their work environments, while supporting a range of machine learning algorithms and capabilities to improve findability and relevance, allowing FSOs to access the information they need when they need it.

With the demand for AI technologies that enable intelligent analytics increasing every year, IDC estimates that “by 2022 spending on AI technologies will grow to over $8 billion, up from $2 billion in 2017.” Sinequa has in the past offered a flexible information collection, access and analysis architecture and now provides cognitive capabilities, such as machine learning, natural language processing, improved relevance and better decision support, while offering intuitive user and data interaction capabilities.

Webinar – Financial Services Organizations: Extracting Powerful Insights with AI-Powered Platforms Sinequa will be hosting a webinar on January 31, “Extracting Powerful Insights with AI-Powered Platforms,” with IDC’s Steven D’Alfonso. Steven and Scott Parker from Sinequa will discuss how FSOs can transform their data-driven organizations to become information-driven. To learn more and sign up for the webinar, visit

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Sinequa is an independent software vendor providing a cognitive search and analytics platform for Global 2000 companies and government agencies that connects people with the information, expertise and insights necessary for organizations to become information-driven. For Sinequa customers, this means actionable information presented in context to surface insights, inform decisions, and elevate productivity. The platform has been forged by experience in projects for large organizations in complex environments with large and diverse sets of data and content. Sinequa’s unified platform is fully integrated and configurable to support current and future needs around becoming information-driven. For more information,

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