Sinequa launches new ROI calculator tool.

New ROI calculator empowers organizations to determine tangible benefits of enterprise search and enables channel partners to articulate the business case for prospective customers.

New York, USA - Paris, France - October 27 2021 - Sinequa, a leading provider of Intelligent Enterprise Search, launched its Return on Investment (ROI) calculator – an online tool that allows customers, prospects, and channel partners to ascertain the tangible benefits of implementing enterprise search. With decision-makers under increasing pressure to prove value from technology investments, the calculator forms a vital part of the sales cycle.

The new online tool has been designed to assess a company’s productivity and predict the potential productivity gains achievable with Insight Apps deployed with Sinequa’s Intelligent Enterprise Search platform. Increases in productivity are assessed with three key data points:

  • The size and complexity of an organization’s information assets
  • The number of Information Workers at the organization (employees who create, manage, share, receive and use information regularly)
  • The amount of effort an organization is willing to invest in its user adoption plan

By understanding the data, the calculator will be able to identify how much time an enterprise could save by using Sinequa’s intelligent search platform and estimate expected cost savings for the company. This allows partners or customers to understand the value of implementing a platform like Sinequa. Specific business departments can also use the calculator to determine their ROI from using Sinequa’s platform. Ultimately, the calculator only shows a segment of the value obtainable with Sinequa, but this essential information makes the decision-making process a lot easier.

Francis Defaye, Head of COE EIM/ECM at Capgemini, commented: “The ROI calculator is a great tool for partners. The fact that Sinequa is willing to support customers by presenting them with tangible evidence of how their platform can help them is so beneficial for a large organization, as it demonstrates how powerful intelligent search can be and the impact it can have on the business’s bottom line.

The ROI calculator becomes the latest addition to a growing collection of tools that Sinequa has built to support its customers and channel partners. It follows the launch of Sinequa University last year, which enables customers, employees and partners to gain qualifications that better equip them for working with Sinequa’s enterprise software platform. Professional certification also provides customers, partners and employees with an advantage over competitors, giving them a deeper knowledge and allowing them to better support clients with enterprise search.

Scott Parker, Director of Product Marketing at Sinequa, commented: “Our customers and partners are vital to us, which is why we developed this new tool. Sometimes companies do not take enough time to look at the expected ROI of a search platform such as Sinequa. However, we believe all organizations must explore ROI and the impact new solutions can have on the wider organization. It helps to make more accurate projections and more strategic decisions. Having a firm idea of where an organization sees the benefits of enterprise search is essential for sustaining the objectives of the different stakeholders, whether that be the board, IT executives, or the C-suite committee.

For more information on the ROI calculator and to test it out, go to:

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