The Journey to Become Information-Driven.

For most organizations, there is a gap between the way their content is currently used and all of the ways it could be used to drive business performance. The journey to become information-driven includes all of the steps taken to bridge that gap.

Seeing Information as a Business Driver.

At some point in its existence, an organization will realize that there are untapped treasures in their often chaotic data. If they can somehow provide employees with the precious information from within the mountain of data they can significantly boost overall business performance.

Seeing Information as a Business Driver
Navigating the Path to Success

Navigating the Path to Success.

Figuring out the best path to ensure employees are consistently well informed can seem daunting. There are so many claims - so much noise - that make it hard to find the right signal. Moving quickly means finding a complete solution. Moving with confidence means using a proven solution. Long term success means having an intelligent search solution that rapidly provides answers and informs employees, scaling with the growth of your data and the number of users.

Becoming a Sinequa Customer.

We work closely with prospective customers upfront to make sure that our platform is the right fit for their needs. Typically, these organizations are geographically dispersed and have many employees and large volumes of diverse content. At Sinequa, customers are paramount. From initial scoping to implementation and beyond, our customers are paramount--it’s no accident that we maintain near-perfect customer retention rates with a transparent pricing model – More info here.

Becoming a Sinequa Customer
Implementing and Earning User Adoption

Implementing and Earning User Adoption.

Our implementation projects are collaboratively led by a combined team of customer employees, Sinequa experts, and, in most cases, systems integration partners. These teams aim to create a compelling user experience for the given use case. This ensures adoption while laying the groundwork for additional intelligent search-based apps and soaring ROI.

Multiplying Return on Investment.

We actively work with our customers to prioritize projects based on value and feasibility. This is aimed at “quick win” projects that earn buy-in by delivering high value to important user factions. There are exceptions, but most customers start with enterprise search followed by additional intelligent search applications. It is in programs like these where Sinequa shines the brightest. And it is here that organizations begin to reap additional returns on their one-time investment in the platform.

Multiplying Return on Investment

What our customers say.

"We are excited to work with Sinequa on this important contract. Using its platform for knowledge management, we are helping NASA to access and utilize decades’ worth of information. By better connecting NASA’s workforce to digital content, we can help them deliver on critical space missions."

Bob Genter, Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Civilian Markets Customer Group at


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